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Care Packages

For many children and teens in the foster system, staying in one place for a long period of time is a rare experience. At a moment's notice or with no warning at all, a social worker or law enforcement will show up and tell them to pack their belongings. Imagine a 5-year-old being told to pack up everything they have in 5 minutes because they are moving homes and will not be back. This experience is not only traumatic but leaves most feeling lost and alone. 

In many cases, the foster child or teen has nothing to place their belongings in and forgets the basic essentials. Showing up to a strange place without a blanket or a pair of PJ's that no one else has ever used is a defeating experience. 

Care Package Inbound (CPI) is on a mission to "Deliver Hope" one care package at a time. No foster child or teen should be without basic human needs. We want to wrap each child with a blanket they can call their own, to wear something new, and to not feel like a burden when they need to brush their teeth or put on deodorant.


Each bag from CPI is assembled by staff and volunteers. They are given to social workers and law enforcement who are on the front lines of the foster system. When a foster child or teen is transitioned from home to home they are provided a new care package at no cost to them. 

What's in the Bag? 

Open ages 5-17 to see the Amazon Wish List:

Donation Guidelines: 

We ask for new donations only, to empower our foster youth. We also request the items you donate to not have references to monkeys, adult content, such as drugs, alcohol, nudity, or family references, like "Big Sister". We aim to provide safe material. 


Check out our DollarDays wish list for bulk items we need in our care packages. 

With eBay for Charity, you can select Care Package Inbound to be your charity when rounding up your purchase or selling items to benefit our cause.


By selecting Care Package Inbound, Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchases to us, at no cost to you. Use the link above and start shopping.

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