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Our Story

"Together we can deliver hope"


Care Package Inbound, Inc. (CPI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the purpose of delivering hope to all people through compassion, support, and love for the foster community. Located in Lenexa, Kansas, we focus our programs on supporting the foster care system in the greater Kansas City area.

CPI was founded in 2019 and publicly launched in 2021, with an eye-opening conversation about caring for children and their families that challenged our co-founder and CEO Jessica Silvey to take action and be the difference she wanted to see in the world. It’s one thing to talk about making a difference, but Jessica needed to take action. The idea started with the desire to deliver a few care packages to a local charity, but further research found that more than a few care packages were needed. There were few resources and a lack of education on how to help the foster care system, apart from the growing need to become a foster parent. After speaking to many others about the vision to do more, Jessica Silvey brought on our co-founder Chris Youngdale to help this movement and launch CPI. Later on the much-needed addition of our CFO, Megan Silvey was brought on to help with the national launch. 

Over time, the idea of helping a few has grown into a nonprofit organization with various programs aimed at impacting anyone involved in the foster care system along with educating individuals all over the world, through means such as social media. We plan to expand our programs outside of the greater Kansas City area, and across the states of Kansas and Missouri with the goal of expanding even further in the future. 

CPI has a multitude of amazing programs to accomplish its mission such as care packages, foster family support, bio family support, foster care adoption assistance, and aging out foster youth support (Hopeful Transitions). Our main program that started it all is our care packages. Many children and teens entering the foster care system come in with little to no personal belongings, and the belongings they do have, in many cases, are carried in trash bags. This makes the transition tougher than it already is, and it shows the need for more organizations and individuals to step in and support the foster care system. To help, CPI designed a personal case full of daily essentials and is delivering hope with each care package containing comfort items, personal hygiene items, and clothing.

One of our main goals is to provide education to the community through the voices of those involved in the foster care system, by providing a better understanding of what it is, create a conversation on the often misunderstood topic along with ways individuals can help, and execute our programs to bring a positive effect to the foster care system. We believe that “Together we can deliver hope”.

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