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Foster Care Facts

Children are not always picked up from home. In many cases children are picked up from:  



Police Stations

If a child is picked up from home, they have on average less than 10 minutes to pack what they deem necessary. 

There are 424,000 youth in foster care nationwide at any given time.

 In 2019, there were an estimated 413,283 youth in the U.S. foster system.

Entering in 2019 - 245,956

Aged Out in 2019 - 23,000

Number of Foster youth in Kansas:

5,852 in 2011

7,753 in 2017

4,159 in 2019

Number of Foster youth in Missouri:

9,220 in 2011

12,390 in 2017

6,783 in 2019

More Foster Care Facts:

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