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Delivering Hope!

Did you know… ...on average each child in foster care has less then 10 minutes to pack what they deem necessary when they enter the system or transition homes? This statistic broke our hearts and launched a mission. Frequently a child has nothing to pack their belongings in, and they resort to using trash bags or laundry baskets. Care Package Inbound (CPI) is on a mission to provide these children in foster care (FC) with the essentials to help them as they transition via the care packages CPI has created.

Meet our team… Jessica Silvey, CEO: Silvey is a Co-founder and the President of Care Package Inbound along with being the owner of a group home daycare located in Lenexa, Kansas. Chris Youngdale, COO: Chris Youngdale has a deep desire to see those around him cared for and loved. As a Co-founder and Vice President of Care Package Inbound, he aims to bring this desire to a city and country that so deeply needs it. Megan Silvey, CFO: Megan Silvey is the Chief Financial Officer for Care Package Inbound. Along with her being the CFO, she is a data science consultant for the company she founded Silvey Solutions.

Your Story Matters! If you have a story about FC and you would like to share it, then we would love to hear form you! Email us at

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